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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy | Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney | Chad M Hayward

4 April 2016
 April 4, 2016

Important Facts About Car Repossession and Bankruptcy

Filing a personal bankruptcy will affect nearly every area of your life – including the car you drive. Despite what you may have heard, […]

14 March 2016
 March 14, 2016

California Bitcoin Case Shows Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney

A bankruptcy case currently working through the courts in California is one of the more complicated cases the U.S. Bankruptcy Court has seen in […]

7 March 2016
 March 7, 2016

Bankruptcy and Retirement Accounts: What You Need to Know

In a chapter 7 bankruptcy, there are both dischargeable and non-dischargeable debts. Likewise, there are assets that can and cannot be seized to satisfy […]

22 February 2016
 February 22, 2016

The Foreclosure Process: What Actually Happens

The threat of foreclosure can be the last straw that encourages someone to consider bankruptcy. A bankruptcy filing can help in some cases by […]

8 February 2016
 February 8, 2016

4 Things to Know about Bankruptcy and the IRS

With January comes the start of the new tax year and the requirement to file your personal income taxes no later than April 15. […]

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