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7 March 2016
 March 7, 2016

Bankruptcy and Retirement Accounts: What You Need to Know

In a chapter 7 bankruptcy, there are both dischargeable and non-dischargeable debts. Likewise, there are assets that can and cannot be seized to satisfy […]

16 November 2015
 November 16, 2015

Parking Tickets May Be Annoying, But Pay Them Anyway

Very few things put a damper on your day quite like coming out of a building in downtown Chicago only to find a parking […]

2 November 2015
 November 2, 2015

Car Repossessions: What You Need to Know about Repossession

Every day the nation’s repo men take to the streets to repossess cars on behalf of banks and specialist lenders. And, unfortunately, the number […]

27 October 2015
 October 27, 2015

Be Wary of Loans Offered for Pending Lawsuits

It is unfortunate that siren chasers still exist in the legal industry. Yet they do. A recently emerging trend in this arena is the […]

23 October 2015
 October 23, 2015

What You Need to Know about Suspended Licenses in Illinois

Losing your driving license can make your life miserable. The best possible advice anyone can give is that you obey the law at all […]