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Property Tax Appeals

Property Tax Appeals

Due to current market conditions, now is the time to seek tax relief from any property acquired from 2005 through 2008. Many homeowners for the first time are seeing a reduction in the assessed values of their properties as county assessors take into consideration the market’s downturn. In a recent study conducted by two University of Illinois professors suggested if there is ever a good time to do it, it is in a slow market.

As attorneys our job is to analyze, prepare, and file the necessary documents to reduce homeowners’ and real estate investors’ property tax bills. We operate on a contingency basis and do not charge a fee unless we lower your tax bill. Our attorneys ensure your property taxes, assessments and charges are in line with state and county guidelines. Often we find many of our clients have been overpaying their bill. We work diligently to identify the mistakes that result in a higher tax bill. Our goal is to save you, the client, money.


How do I pay for your services?

We operate on a contingency basis. We only charge if we are able to find a tax savings and our fees are 35% of the first year’s savings. The balance and all subsequent year savings go to you.

How does the process work?

We begin by conducting a review of all the properties in your portfolio. Our local market knowledge combined with an appraisal analysis enables us to perform an evaluation of your portfolio and identify opportunities for tax savings. If a property qualifies, we will then file the necessary documentation and the tax savings go to you.

How do I know if my property might qualify?

A residential or commercial property may qualify if:

  • If the property has decreased by 10% or more since its acquisition
  • If the property taxes have increased by 2% or more in the last year
  • If the property has a 20% or greater vacancy
  • If the property suffers from physical or functional obsolescence
  • If there have not been many recent sales within the neighborhood

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