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25 April 2016
 April 25, 2016

Removing Liens After Bankruptcy

Successfully discharging a bankruptcy can bring a tremendous amount of relief to consumers who were previously at their wits end. So imagine the surprise […]

11 April 2016
 April 11, 2016

Lawsuits Affect Bankruptcy Depending on the Side You’re On

Pending lawsuits definitely have an impact on bankruptcy proceedings regardless of which side of the lawsuit you are on. If you are the plaintiff, […]

4 April 2016
 April 4, 2016

Important Facts About Car Repossession and Bankruptcy

Filing a personal bankruptcy will affect nearly every area of your life – including the car you drive. Despite what you may have heard, […]

28 March 2016
 March 28, 2016

How Your Neighbor’s Lottery Winnings Can Lead You to Bankruptcy

It probably seems strange to most of us that lottery winners can eventually end up in bankruptcy despite receiving a rather substantial windfall. But […]

21 March 2016
 March 21, 2016

Florida Law Could Be a Nationwide Model to Reduce Bankruptcies

In a previous blog post, we outlined the procedures for taking advantage of chapter 13 bankruptcy to regain a suspended driver’s license. We mentioned […]

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